LEAH METCALF - professional athlete


“I like what I do because I do it with purpose, make it fun, and see quality results.”

Leah conducts basketball and fitness training for youth and adults in individual or group settings. She provides expert advice, motivation and guidance to help ensure quality results. Her unique “Carpe U ” (pronounced kär-pe yü) program delivers necessary tools and motivation to help better the complete YOU: in spirit, mind, and body. She is credentialed through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and her specializations include Corrective Exercise Training and Sports Performance Enhancement Training. She has over 13 years of professional basketball experience and 4 years of playing experience at an elite collegiate level. She has coached youth basketball teams and trained players individually for many years. She has served as a camp counselor for various schools and sports organizations over the past 18 years; she founded the Carpe U Girls' Basketball Academy in 2016 and plans to offer it again in years to come!